Free Will

The concept I hear bandied about
To explain evil is what theists shout
Is that old concept of free will
This I think is a bitter pill

My thoughts on this continue to grow
And really more faults begin to show
I have asked from one and many
They have not answered my question any

The question I have put to them
Is why a child’s free will is condemned
You see many a baby has been killed
Their safety has not been filled

A child of two is unable to decisions make
They rely on others for their sake
If I was a god that loved children so
To save them I would make myself go

Children of this age no evil make
But their lives some of us do take
And free will for an adult I understand
But don’t these children deserve a hand

A parent fights for their offspring
Even animals all know this thing
So, how can a god do any less
This is wrong to me I confess

Someone once told me, they had a decision hard
And in this decision god had starred
That this took time for them to make
God was with them for their sake

A question I asked was if god had the time
To be with them when this mountain to climb
Could he not have spared a second or two
To save the life of a child or two

If this being is omnipotent
Could he not to the killers mind sent
A stop right now, this action is evil
I will not allow you to make this upheaval

That child is one of mine
Their free will is yet to shine
Just like the spider, rat and the swine
I will look after one of mine

But this being has not done any of this
I really think these actions amiss
For I would give for this my life
If I saw one of mine in strife

I would jump in if I could
Any loving parent of course would
The only thing that I can think
Is the ideas and actions just don’t sync

If I was this miraculous and I could
Look over the world, any neighborhood
I would point my finger and shout
Evil, you yes, you, get out

I know that free will I gave to you
This I know you believe is true
But this is triple X you see
Only for adults can it be

Parents, yes you fathers and mothers
The child that relies on others
In that child’s corner he should stand
Shouldn’t he always hold out his hand

Like in all the games we play
A referee stands in the way
To ensure fairness is carried through
That no one cheats and deliberately hurts you

So, why would a loving god stand back
Why should the child free will lack
I am sure that if they could choose
This is not the way, their life, to loose

So how can we accept this on faith
The harm that comes to this poor wraith
That because of the concept of free will
I am sorry it does not fit the bill

When they tell me that this is the way of god
And continue his mercies they all do laud
I want to see the look on their face
When they try to defend his predetermined case

Copyright Ranger Ginger 2013

One response to “Free Will

  1. I love poetry and came across yours here… very interesting … It is deep and reveals so much of the questions which probe deep in the human heart … thank you so much for sharing 🙂

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