Religious Conception

The Catholic Church is a religious icon
Its views it wants, to build the world on
The work it does, is not all bad
But  you must listen to how they are just fab

To go to a catholic hospital for care
You need to consider, if that care is fair
Because they use dogma and other doctrine
Alongside scientifically discovered medicine

Say that your need is  reproduction
Your bits just don’t seem to function
The  Bishop says no no no
Your human dignity it has to go

Babies are only for a man and women
The missionary position is the one for cumin’
No other way  can it be they say
Because the men of the church know the way

Contraception is the wrong way to go
More babies to indoctrinate let’s make it so
This way we can increase our falling flock
Get ‘em young and they become our rock

No consideration for the state of this child’s life
So long as its father impregnates the wife
16 kids with the one you have wed
Even if you can only feed them bread

In Africa they tell their believers
Condoms are bad, all non-achievers
Contaminated with AIDS the virus
We men of God, tell the truth, believe us

So AIDS continues to reach out and spread
And many poor Catholics end up dead
Their child is left as a poor little orphan
Orphanages they build to put ’em all in

If you get pregnant through the horrors of rape
The hospital will not, give you the scrape
Because god made the rape part of his plan
To strengthen you with the seed of man

The child conceived of this horrible crime
Is there to remind you that god is prime
Even if you are only aged 10, 9, or 8
And your doctor and mother take control of your fate

If they decide that the best thing for you
Is to remove this before you are due
Excommunication is what they will get
But the man that did it, will still be set

He will enter the heaven of this religion
Because what he did was considered a sin
To confession he can go and be forgiven
And heaven he will be able to then live in

So don’t go to the Catholics for contraception
Because all you will get is a cold reception
The men of the church know all about family
Celibacy teaches you all about tragedy

So these men, priests, cardinals and  pope
Can give you all manners of eternal hope
But don’t abort, use contraception or IVF
As god’s against you, he will turn deaf

It does not matter, no matter the cause
Poverty, crime or infertility will give you no pause
They know how to take control of your fertility
These celibate men have no humility

Cus if you try and have control of your life
You will get yourself in religious strife
Because to ensure you follow your religious role
Is to give these men your life to control

Copyright Ranger Ginger 2013

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