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It took me a while to think about what I should write.  At this moment in my life I suppose I am deciding to call a conviction a conviction (well mostly, I will explain that further down in the post). I have thought long and hard about my stance on a god and if there is such a being!   I have concluded that there is probably not, and I am attempting to portray this in my poetry.

If you read my poems you will see the points that I had difficulty reconciling with a divine being and did not sit well with my moral core.  Believers and I am not saying just Christians, but believers of all faiths, seem to be able to make justification by way of choice when saying their particular  scripture is the ‘word of god’ but…

That word ‘but’ seems to me to have plethora of addendum added to it! “But that is not the context…” ” But god did not mean it that way…”  “But that was of a time…”  “But no…” “But they…”

As the saying goes ‘but me no buts’!

Poetry, well, although I could write prose on the subject but there are many sites like that.  I find when I get annoyed or intense about something it is more easily for me to express my opinion in this form.

So, I said that I was coming out (mostly but using a pseudonym)! Well the reason I am holding a little back is in fact because of my theist friends and family.  I do not want to “poke them in the eye with a big stick”! Of course, they know the way I think and we talk, sometimes loudly, and sometimes thoughtfully!

I have some very religious friends and I love them, religion and all! It is part of them, makes them who they are and adds to them. One was doing a masters in religious education and I was the one she choose to audit her theses (did I have to hold back LOL!), another discussed with me about wanting to become a lay preacher, so I discussed how to get there etc with her.  I am not here to decide what they think, but I am here to be there for them.  Of course, if I can through discussion help them make a different decision I will be there for them too.

But, I have to be me, they know and understand and they want to be there for me too.

So, that is me, sometimes gentle, sometimes not, and I don’t care if you get me or not, I am what I am, loyal, caring, a listener, friend, opinionated, open minded, not afraid to stand up for my ideal, lover of knowledge, lover of science, (I cried over the Higgs Bosun), love people because they always teach me something new, love learning and more!

Hope you enjoy your visit?  I do not mean to offend anyone with my poetry or even my link suggestions, but, I need to say these things to the world.  If they make you think then that is the point.  I was raised in a religion and went through all the rites etc so I come from a christian perspective and that is mostly what I think about when I write my poetry.  I write about what I know.

When did I become an atheist, I think it started in my early teens and just developed from then!  The hardest thing to get rid of was the guilt, that tool the churches use to keep us in place!  But, it did go away and now no guilt, but that puts more pressure on me as a moral person than before.  I have to pay attention to the people in my world.  Understand that they are individuals and that they have the right to happiness, love, care and concern and to know that they are safe without judgement.  That also means that I have to demonstrate that as well, that I have to follow the rules of society or even better than that.  I have no excuse, the devil did not make me do it, or that I am forgiven or I will be forgiven by a god.  You want to know something it is not that hard to be a good person and as Confucius says ” What you do not want done to yourself, do not do to others”.  Yep not a bible quote the “Golden Rule” was written many years before the new testament and by many others independently as well!  My thoughts on most of these subjects are demonstrated by my poems.

All I want to do is give people a little more to think about!  BTW I am not from the US so our spelling is different!

You will find my poems in the archive on your right!


I also love exclamation marks too!!!


I thought that this site would be just full of poems and then life got in the way and I did not write as much as I thought I would!  So, I have decided that poetry is just one aspect of what I want to say and that I will intermittently come here and make comment on things that annoy, make me feel joy and more!

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